Zoom Meeting Thursday at 6PM

We have been in school 4 weeks now and have learned a lot about this new teaching platform. Thank you for your emails, updates, and for all you are doing on your end as we have worked through the first month.
For your benefit, we are hosting a parent meeting to help explain the expectations and hopefully, make your job easier.
We look forward to seeing you, especially if you have been struggling with work or organization materials, etc.
See you Thursday at 6PM

School and Class Rules PAWS

Practice Safety

  • Use supplies correctly
  • Sit in your chair- feet forward, heads up

Act Responsibly

  • Eat breakfast before school
  • Be on time
  • Sit in one spot during class
  • Listen

Work Hard

  • Keep your eyes on the teacher
  • Participate
  • Complete work on time

Show Respect

  • Raise your hand to talk
  • Be patient
  • Listen
  • Use kind words, compliment your friends




You can help us!



There is a strange dynamic happening with distance learning that we are hoping to resolve quickly.

Two things:

  1. Teachers are feeling like we are not seen as a real person. We are just a face in the screen.
  2. Because we are not seen as a real person the students are not asking us clarifying questions. They are deferring to their parent/helper. You can help by directing them to ask us the question.

The teachers have patience, we have a lot of it!  We are willing to wait for a child to get their items ready for learning.  We can wait, it is important for us to wait.  The independence a child feels by getting their items themselves is very empowering.

Here’s an Idea!

Create a great workspace for your child,

Use a science board to create an “office” (cut it in half so it’s not too tall)

Put things in the office that are helpful and appealing to your child. (not too cluttery, less is more)

We want them to be in a space that is “school”, let them help you create an amazing space for focus and learning!

Thank you!

Chromebook Pick Up

Chromebooks will be ready for pick up this Friday, August 21!

Barstad’s class:  12:00 – 1:00

Maltbie’s class: 1:00 – 2:00

Farrell’s class: 2:00 – 3:00

Please come during your assigned hour.

Please wear a mask.

See you soon!


Back to School Night!

Thank you so much for attending Back to School Night.

As we said we are all learning, unfortunately the chat did not save like we wanted it to.  If you had a question in the chat that did not get answered please send us an email and we will be happy to find the answers for you!

thank you for your understanding.  Here is the link for the Back to School Night Power Point

Learning is our Adventure







Welcome to our kindergarten blog.

We will post messages and announcements here for your viewing.

We want it to be a central hub to share information with you.

Be sure to check out the Distance Learning Tab at the top 🙂

We hope you enjoy this blog and I look forward to sharing our class adventure with you!

Mrs. Barstad, Mrs. Farrell, and Mrs. Maltbie